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RAPID Technology Transfer Grant

​The RAPID Technology Transfer Grant (RTTG) seeks to support university-industry technology transfer of a previously developed an existing prototype or an advanced model (or equivalent). Owing to the nature of the COVID-19 crisis, the RTTG shall be ideally utilized to quickly transition science or technology to an actual industrial partner (or partners) that will result in significant and qualitative improvement in the latter's capacity to meet the emerging challenge of COVID-19.

Budgets for RTTG awards will be up to a maximum of Rs. 7.5 million (USD 50 000) with a maximum project duration of 6 months.  Principal Investigators are encouraged to obtain co-financing – including in-kind and/or cash contributions – from the industry collaborators. The requested amount of RTTG funding for the academic institution cannot exceed the co-financing committed by the industry collaborators.
The RTTG Proposals must be designed to include milestones and key performance indicators that should (ideally) begin delivering an impact right from the start of the project and not wait for all the results at the tail end of the proposed project. To the extent possible, the project must also be designed in a manner that teams can begin working right away rather than waiting for lengthy procurement or hiring. Those projects that have a steady stream of high-value immediate outputs and outcomes will be preferred. The Project Steering Committee may review progress on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis. 
Funding Details

Budget requests should be consistent with the proposed research and development activities. RTTG funding may be used for:

  • Salaries for PI and co-PIs based on the amount of time spent on the project 
  • Stipends for bachelors, masters, doctoral students and post-doctoral scholars to help take the prototype or proposed product to market.
  • Limited prototype development costs
  • Laboratory tests or access to data
  • Patent filing
  • Producing licensing agreements
  • Legal and financial investment advice
  • Marketing of the prototype or proposed product to appropriate investors or stakeholders.
Eligibility Criteria
Principal Investigator (PI) must;
  • be a regular faculty member (PhD or FCPS/MCPS/FRCS) of universities (Public or private sector) (The VC/Rector shall ensure that max. two exceptional proposals per HEI will be submitted)
  • Co-financing (including in kind or cash contribution) by the industry partner is mandatory