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Subscription Process

​​​​HEC acquires licenses of digital resources from the publishers/Service Providers having licensing and copyrights, as per the following procedure:

  • Publishers engage with HEC providing detailed information about the resource, price quotations, and terms of license agreements
  • ​HEC may seek the resource on a trial basis (free of cost) which may be offered to relevant Universities/ institutions in order to conduct need assessment.
  • Following factors are considered when acquiring e-resources from publishers:
    • ​Subscription requests/ demand of the Universities / institutions / availability of licenses
    • ​​​Usage and contents of the e-resources
    • Terms of licenses and cost
    • Financial resources available to HEC
  • HEC will enter into a licensing agreement with the publisher/Service Provider if the resource is approved based on the recommendations of the Digital Library Technical Assistance Committee (DL-TAC).
  • The institutions interested in getting access to e-resources will apply on a prescribed registration form and submit the duly filled application form to the Dealing Officer of HEC Digital Library. The institutions will also provide a static IP address to access the e-resource.
  • All institutions must agree to the Terms and Conditions for access to the resources available through the digital library and will sign a formal agreement for the purpose.​