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How to Apply

Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply through online portal along with following documents.​

  • Foreign university acceptance letter(s), in order of preference
  • CV of proposed foreign supervisor(s)
  • BASR/DASR approval showing approved PhD research topic and synopsis
  • PhD thesis synopsis (complete)
  • Local PhD supervisor recommendation letter
  • CV of local PhD supervisor
  • NOC from concerned HEC officer (if already availing any other HEC scholarship)
  • NOC from department/organization (if employed/ on study leave)
  • CV of applicant
  • Copy of passport
  • Copies of academic documents including PhD coursework transcript showing credit hours and grades obtained in each course.
  • Copy of GRE result certificate/card from ETS / NTS
  1. Applicants are encouraged to apply if they are eligible and fulfil the basic criteria.
  2. Incomplete applications will not be entertained and will be discarded.
  3. Hard copy of application will be required after selection.

Important Note:

The acceptance letter must be issued by the head of department/ senior professors. Acceptance letters issued by Lecturers, Lab Instructors/expert won't be acceptable. The acceptance letter must include at least following:  

  • Brief overview of work to be carried out during the foreign visit.
  • Brief details of research facilities available at foreign Lab.
  • Plan of research work/activities to be carried out at foreign university
  • Duration of research in months.
  • Bench fee amount if required. No claim of bench fee will be entertained if not mentioned in the original offer letter.
  • Breif Breakup of bench fee utilization must be mentioned in acceptance letter.
  • Terms and conditions of the invitation, if any.
  • Complete address, contact details (phone, fax, email) of the proposed foreign professor.
  • It is Mandatory to get filled in a performa from your foreign supervisor along with the acceptance letter.   Download Foreign Supervisor's Performa

  This Performa of Foreign Supervisor must be attached in IRSIP Online Application Form.

Please carefully read all pages for complete details. Last date to submit application for 56th batch is 30th March 2024, next batch will be announced after the closure of current batch. It is worth mentioning that ONLY applications submitted through online portal will be considered for further processing.

F​or any query email at " ".​