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It is of utmost importance that the doctoral studies carried out in Pakistan are of a standard that is at par with any international reputed institution. This is only possible if candidates are provided with adequate support in research projects. The Fellowship package of IRSIP is a sunder:
Fellowship Package:
Travel allowance:
  1. Economy class return airfare is provided up to Rs 150,000.00 for once.
Living allowance:
  1. Living allowance for different countries: 
CountryLiving allowance per month
UK£ 750.00
Austria, Germany, Netherlands€ 975.00
Rest of Europe€ 900.00
USA$ 1500.00
Korea, China, Malaysia$ 800.00
Rest of world$ 1200.00​
Bench Fee: 
  1. ​Maximum amount of bench fee allowed under IRSIP scheme in different currencies are given in the following table.
US Dollar$ 3500
Pound Sterling£ 1750
Euro€ 2550
Australian Dollar$ 4100
Canadian Dollar$ 3700​​
Important Note: 
The bench fee is only awarded if it is de4manded in the acceptance letter at the time of selection. After selection any demand of fee will not be accepted. The bench fee will be paid to the University directly via wire transfer against the invoice of the amount as mentioned in the offer/invitation letter. The fee invoice must contains student/scholar name, Purpose & duration of visit and complete banking details of foreign university.