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Priority Subject Areas

​​​​​​​Following is the list of preferred subject areas/subjects in which scholarship under US – Pak Knowledge Corridor is offered effective Spring 2023.

​S. NoBroad Subject ​​AreaSpecific Research Area
Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

1.      Agri Sciences



2.      Veterinary sciences

  1. Crop Production, Soil and Environmental Sciences, agricultural biotechnology

  2. breeding, nutrition, reproduction, health, Dairy Science, and veterinary biotechnology
2Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  1. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  2. Medical Biotechnology
  3. Cancer Biology
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Nanotechnology (Nano Medicines; application to cancer research)
3Engineering and Technology
  1. Water Management and Sustainability
  2. Sustainable Energy system engineering
  3. Urban Planning
  4. Climate Change and Environmental engineering
  5. Biotechnology/ Bioengineering
  6. Land and water resource engineering
  7. Agricultural production engineering.
  8. Automotive Engineering
  9. Metallurgical Engineering
  10. Chemical Engineering
  11. Software Engineering
Physical Sciences
  1. Computer Science and IT
Social Sciences
  1. Rural Development Studies
  2. Urban Planning
  3. Water Management and Sustainability
  4. Sustainable Energy​​