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Eligibility Criteria

  • Proposal submitted under PBAIRP must not be meant for establishment of laboratory or for only development purpose.
  • Research Proposal must be interdisciplinary, integrating methodological or theoretical approaches from at least three academic disciplines (departments or programs). Interdisciplinary work may be comparative, historical, regional, thematic, or problem-focused.
  • Proposal submitted under PBAIRP must not have any portion that had been submitted and /or funded by HEC or any other funding agency.
  • Proposal must be genuinely novel and must not have any plagiarized material including self-plagiarism.
  • The Principal investigator (PI) has to be a full-time regular faculty member (BPS or TTS) of any public sector university/DAIs or private sector university/DAIs eligible for public funding ( list of 29 private sector universities/DAIs is given below:).
  • If PI is a contractual employee of the universities mentioned above, he/she must have at least 3 years valid contact period. 
  • The PI must not been ever blacklisted by HEC.
  • The PI must not neither currently executing two projects (ongoing) nor had already submitted two projects or not had one submitted plus one ongoing project simultaneously under any of HEC grants program, e.g. NRPU or UITSP or TDF or TRGP or Pak-US etc.
  • The PI can execute or submit only two (2) research projects simultaneously under any of HEC funded research grant programs either under NRPU or UITSP or TDF or TRGP or Pak-US etc. (either ongoing, submitted, under review, etc).
  • The PI must not been executing any HEC project whose completion is delayed by three (03) years.
  • The PI must have an advance academic degree (PhD or M.Phil./MS: at least 18 year of inline schooling) & relevant experience working as academician/researcher but not as administrator.
  • Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and Meritorious Professor may apply under the program provide having relevant qualification and experience.
  • Period of execution of the Research project should not be exceeding three (02) years. 
  • Maximum funding under NRPU may be up to Rs. 10 million. 
  • If a university teacher is working as PI or Co-PI in more than one project, he/she may get only one month's Initial Basic Pay under any one of his/her project as honorarium.  
  • Any application will not be considered if
    1. Incomplete filled application form (hard and/or soft copy).
    2. Either PI does not submit original hard copy of proposal via his/her respective ORIC Office/Research Office/Registrar Office or ORIC/Research offices to Director R&D, HEC on or before the closing date, 15-01-2018.
    3. Applications are directly submitted to HEC, bypassing ORIC/Research Office/Office of the Registrar of the respective university.
    4. The PI is already executing any NRPU project whose completion is delayed by three (03) years.
    5. Application forms are not signed/countersigned/endorsed by head of institution, vice chancellor/Rector/Director of DAIs.
    6. Detailed and duly signed CV of PI is not attached.
    7. Detailed and duly signed CV of Co-PI(s) is/are not attached.
    8. Quotations of required equipment, worth over Rs. 0.1 Million are not attached.
    9. Report generated by Turnitin is not attached.
    10. A clearance certificate from Institutional Bioethics Committee (IBC) of the university/DAI concerned (if required) is not attached.
    11. Industrial support letter (if required) is not attached.
    12. Copy of appointment letter is not attached.​