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Problem Based Applied Interdisciplinary Research Programme (PBAIRP)

​It is an inactive Programme and was merged with National Research Programme for Universi​ties (NRPU)​

The Higher Education Commission aims "to facilitate institutions of higher learning to serve as engines for socio-economic development of Pakistan" as stated in the mission. In line with the statement, Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan took an initiative to finance proposals of interdisciplinary applied research projects on a specific theme address​ing local issue/problem. In this way, HEC envisages to help the productive minds of Pakistan to impact economy through new and emerging technologies.​
Interdisciplinarity as a means to address complex problems that cannot be dealt with from a single disciplinary perspective alone. Such problems require people from different disciplinary perspectives to work together, sharing ideas, theories and practice to reach appropriate solutions.
Interdisciplinary research and effective collaboration between people from different disciplines provide substantial benefits to scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders to maximize the potential benefits of interdisciplinarity for future research activity.
To foster interdisciplinarity and generate space to develop more innovative and high-impact research that delivers solutions to the challenges facing Pakistan,  Higher Education Commission (HEC) initiated an Interdisciplinary research grant program- Problem Based Applied Interdisciplinary Research Programme (PBAIRP) that is especially designed to address the contemporary issue of the country and to come up with better and more relevant answers to face present-day problems of the country through interdisciplinary approach.