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Grant to Organize Seminar, Conference and Training Workshop

​​Note: In order to organize Seminar/Conference and workshop, applicants may apply to his/her respective University ( public sector and eligible private sector) and the University will ultimately seek funding from HEC by applying for reimbursement. HEC will not entertain the applications directly under the said Program.

Academic events are critical for sharing of knowledge and research among universities and scholars. The promotion of research culture in higher education institutions through such events is of highest priority to Higher Education Commission (HEC). To support the development of research culture, HEC provides financial grants to Public Sector Universities and eligible Private-Sector Universities in Pakistan to organize National and International Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Symposia. Through this initiative, HEC intends to develop a culture of research and knowledge sharing between Higher Education Institutions, as well as establishment of linkages with relevant industrial and corporate sectors. The applicant will apply for funding from his/her academic institution and the academic institute will ultimately seek funding from HEC by applying for reimbursement.


  • Encourage Universities and Degree Awarding Institutes (DAIs) to organize academic events.
  • Educate faculty and students with the latest developments in their relevant areas of research
  • Provide platform for interaction and exposure to the academicians and researchers.
  • Provide avenues for sharing of research and knowledge at national and international level events.
  • Assess academic and research capabilities and achievements at par with the prevalent national and international practices.
  • Share academic and research achievements with industrial and commercial establishments.
  • Explore opportunities for domestic and international academic collaborations.

Event Categories/Provisions

This grant extends financial assistance for hosting the following four types of events:

  1. Seminar
  2. Conference
  3. Symposium
  4. Training Workshop