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​Provisionally Selected Scholars against Overseas Scholarship Schemes

As you are aware, Final Award Letters could not be issued because of serious financial constraints and dearth of foreign exchange with the HEC/Government of Pakistan. Consequently, HEC advised several provisionally selected candidates to defer their admission until Fall 2023 in the hope that necessary funds/Foreign Exchange would become available during the course of time. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved to such an extent to enable us to finalize the process.

Considering these circumstances and scarcity of foreign reserves, you are advised to plan your academic strategy accordingly. All the same, to avail every possible chance of HEC scholarship, it is advised that the admissions may be deferred for another year until Fall 2024. However, it is important to note that this deferment does not guarantee the eventual award of scholarship and HEC is not liable to finance any provisionally selected candidate who chooses to travel abroad for higher studies without the Final Award Letter. 


​​Due to non ​availability of Foreign Exchange cover/dollar escalation and huge amount required for already studying students abroad, Finance Division (External Finance Wing) vide OM No. F.3(46)/EF.B-IV/2022-23 dated 7th June 2023, advised HEC not to create any fresh FE liabilities / commitments in FY 2023-24 without prior concurrence of  Finance Division. Therefore, all scholars who have been issued Provisional or Final award letter are requested not to leave the country without knowledge/ permission of HEC. All scholars are requested to wait till further notice received from Finance Division, Government of Pakistan. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The deadline to submit the conditional / un-conditional admission letter/offer of acceptance for issuance of Provisional Award Letter (PAL) has been expired. So, no request for further extension will be entertained (Batch-1, Batch-2, Batch-3)