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Financial Benefits


Details Guidelines Regarding Disbursement of funds under Faculty Development Program : Funds Utilization Policy

                                       Indigenous University  ​

Tuition Fee to University per annum


Maintenance Allowance / Stipend per month


Support to University in the form of lab equipment's, consumables etc. per annum

Rs. 60,000/-

Travel/Research Grant
On Synopsis Approval Rs. 50,000/-
On Thesis Submission Rs. 50,000/-
On PhD Completion Rs. 50,000/-

Rs. 150,000/-

Book Allowance per annum

Rs. 5,000/-

Air Ticket (once)

Rs. 250,000( Max)

​Foreign University​

​Average Maintenance Allowance / Stipend per month

​US$ 1200

​Research Grant/ Administrative fee per month

​US$ 440

​Thesis evaluation from abroad (once)

​US$ 200

​Health Insurance per month

​US $ 50