​​Deadline Extension:

HEC has Extended the deadline for submission of documents up to Feburary 28th , 2021. Applicants of Batch II under the Faculty Development program are advised to submit the documents before the deadline.

Imporatant Notice:

Scholars proceeding abroad for International Research Collaboartion (06-09 Months) are initmated to submit their study plan at least 06 month before their departure date. 

Faculty Development Program for Pakistani Universities​

​The Faculty Development (Indigenous program for 2,000 Split PhD scholarships for faculty members of Pakistani HEC recognized Universities/DAIs having Master degree with minimum 18 years of education. Scholar will be required to start the initial research in Pakistan and at any point during research he/she would be required to proceed abroad for a maximum period of 6-12 months with the recommendations of local supervisor and approval/ acceptance of foreign supervisor for research / thesis work.
  • PhD Scholarships has been designed for capacity enhancement of Non-PhD Faculty Members of Universities/DAIs.
  • Proposed program will provide a chance to non-PhD faculty members to pursue their PhD degree in Pakistani / world Recognized University /DAIs.
  • Program is proposed to encourage collaboration between Pakistani and World renown/recognized institutions. 
  • Program will also bring opportunities to develop research projects and simultaneously build capacity in the education system of both the partner countries.
  • Providing centralized leadership for enhancing the effectiveness of teaching and learning at Pakistan. It also provide an opportunity of learning abroad for research and development, instructional support to assist existing non-PhD faculty members.
  • Project will help in achieving​ goals identified in VISION 2025 and MTDF 2010-15 of HEC.
  • The purpose of the FDP is to encourage and reward existing faculty for developing their teaching skills in key areas of their expertise. It cater to enhance the education level and encourage the young non-PhD faculty members so that they can contribute in nation building with their technical and professional enhanced knowledge.
  • To promote activities to enhance the quality of learning and teaching across the sector and assists institutions in identifying and fostering excellence.
  • To enhance the research and development activities in Universities /Degree Awarding Institutions (DAIs) in Pakistan by providing funds to the Universities for upgrading their research facilities particularly small laboratory equipment, chemicals, IT equipment etc. which will not only facilitates research of the HEC scholar cum faculty member but also serves as an asset for the department to establish up to date research laboratories to meet the international standards.



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