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The Higher Education Development in Pakistan Project

​​​HEDP is a World Bank supported project (USD. 400 Million). It is assisting HEC in key strategic areas of research and development, improving the quality of higher education and support to affiliated colleges, leveraging technological resources and capacity building of faculty/ staff through the National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE).

Project Development Objectives: The HEDP project has following key development objectives:

  • To support research excellence in strategic sectors of the economy.
  • To improve teaching and learning
  • To strengthen IT/governance in the higher education sector

Key Project Statistics:

Project Components: The project comprises of six components.

Component 1 (C1) of HEDP comprises of research grants. These grants are contributing to COVID-19 related medical research, improving exports, and are accelerating research to contribute towards economic growth. HEDP is also supporting development of national start-up ecosystem and hence will play a key role in contributing towards the knowledge economy of the country.

Component 2 (C2), HEDP focuses on new Undergraduate Education Policy 2020 (UEP) based on best international practices. In order to improve the quality of education in the affiliated colleges, new Quality Enhancement Cell for Affiliated Colleges (QECACs) are also being setup in parent universities.  After a comprehensive study of the HEC QA model and international benchmarking, the existing QECs will also be revamped so that the higher education quality assurance model in Pakistan is in line with international best practices. 

Component 3 (C3), HEDP is required to leverage technology for improve the teaching, learning and research environment in Pakistan. PERN (Pakistan Education Research Network) connectivity will be extended to Higher Education Institutions and will expand further to include more universities. This network provides faster access to internet and research databases to higher education institutions across Pakistan. 

The Component 4 (C4) key feature is to acquire latest higher education technology and make it available to the universities in Pakistan at a reduced cost. Under this component, ERP and Student Life Cycle systems will be implemented in 50 universities across Pakistan. These systems will greatly improve the efficiencies of these institutions. A central higher education data repository is being established to collect data from HEIs.

The Component 5 (C5) is focused on training of higher education faculty, project monitoring & evaluation and project coordination unit. HEDP is providing crucial support to National Academy for Higher Education (NAHE), which is tasked to train fresh PhD graduates, faculty members and HEC staff.  NAHE has already completed capacity building of 2045 HEI faculty and management. The need-based capacity building initiatives are being taken under component 5 that will have impact for the years to come.

Under Component 6 (C6) , HEDP is aiding universities in improving their Financial Autonomy and develop a framework to address these needs. In addition under this component HEDP shall ensure access to the latest technology and connectivity, improving governance and long-term sustainability of institutions.

To learn more about the project updates, please visit project LinkedIn page. ​

The project extension for another year is in final stages.